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Who controls the affairs of a retirement fund?

Every fund must appoint a board of management to run the affairs of the fund. This is called the board of trustees. Each retirement fund must have at least four trustees.In terms of Section 7A of the Pension Funds Act, members may elect at least 50% of the board of trustees. Umbrella funds may apply for exemption from appointing member-elected trustees.In addition, the fund must appoint a Principal Officer, to deal with the day-to-day running of the fund.

Does the Bank of Athens Provident Fund have a surplus?

I have worked in the financial sector and want to know if I qualify for the surplus fund I did receive some correspondence from bank of athens but did not follow up is their agents that can assist me

Where can I send complaints about an unpaid GEPF benefit?

Where can I send complaints about an unpaid GEPF benefit.

How can I find out what my provident fund balance is?

i want to know my provident fund balance

How much tax will I pay on my GEPF resignation benefit?

Hi. Three questions. I am a GEPF member. First: If I am to receive about R3 million as a resignation benefit after 20 yrs service, how much tax will I pay? Second: How will the new laws on resignation and benefit payouts by the Minister of Finance affect the payout? Third: If I move the R3 million to a Preservation fund, how much can I withdraw and by how much will the withdrawal be taxed? thank You.

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