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Invest simply with a 10X Unit Trust

Invest simply and effectively with a 10X Unit Trust. Benefit from our proven track record of superior returns, low fees, and a highly diversified portfolio.

The simplest way to grow your wealth

What is a unit trust?

A unit trust is a pool of money that is managed by a professional investment manager, 10X Investments in this case. When you invest in a unit trust, you buy "units" in the fund. The value of your investment is determined by the performance of the underlying assets.

Unit Trusts are a great way to save money for both long-term goals, such as a deposit on a house, and short-term goals such as an upcoming holiday. 10X offers a number of highly diversified funds that you can invest in.

Why unit trusts are good
  • An easy way to invest your after-tax savings

  • Flexibility to access your savings when needed

Why 10X Unit Trusts are better
  • A proven track record of superior returns

  • We keep fees as low as possible

  • A highly diversified portfolio

  • Clean, transparent reporting

Trusted by leading companies

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Getting a 10X Unit Trust is very simple

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Benefits of the 10X Your Future Fund

This fund consistently outperforms other leading fund managers, so it's not surprising that most 10X investors choose this fund to help them reach their long-term goals.

Benefits of the 10X Future Fund

  • Local and international investment

  • Diversified

  • Low fees

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