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Start saving smarter with a 10X Tax-Free Savings Account

Grow your tax-free savings with a 10X TFSA. Our track record of low cost and high returns allows you to retain tax advantages and grow your savings while maintaining full control. Simple, easy, and designed to protect your future.

More money when you need it most

What is a tax-free savings account?

A tax-free savings account is type of investment designed to help you save money without paying tax on the interest you earn or the dividends you receive. You can withdraw your money at any time without paying tax on the amount you take out.

A tax-free savings account (also known as a "TFSA") is a great way to save for long term goals without paying tax on interest earned or dividends received. You will have easy access to your funds and won't pay tax when you make withdrawals.

Tax-free savings accounts are good
  • You don't pay tax on any interest, dividends or capital gains

  • You can withdraw your money at any time

  • You can contribute up to R36 000 per year

  • You can have more than one Tax-free savings account

10X Tax-free savings accounts are better
  • A proven track record of consistent superior returns

  • We keep fees as low as possible

  • A highly diversified portfolio

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More time, more money, more tax saved

Tax savings increase over time as you earn compound growth on the tax saved.

In this example, you could end up with 30% more money simply by investing in a TFSA instead of a regular savings investment.

The example assumes you invest R3,000 per month for 13 years and 10 months with a final contribution of R2,000 in the 11th month when the lifetime contribution of R500,000 is reached. The investment earns 11% per annum and has an equal return split between income, dividends and capital gains.

The personal tax rate is 45%.

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Value of the investment after 13 years and 11 months. The data presented are for illustrative purposes only.

What you need to know

Making sense of tax-free savings accounts

Tax benefit

All proceeds earned from a Tax-Free Savings Account are exempt from tax. This means that you get your full investment return without being taxed on the growth you earn.

Maximum contributions

The maximum amount you can contribute to a Tax Tree Savings Account is R36 000 per year and the maximum lifetime contribution is R500 000.

Long-term savings

Investors typically start seeing the returns of their Tax-free savings account matching or exceeding their contributions after about ten years.

Contribution flexibility

You can choose to contribute monthly, quarterly, annually or on an ad hoc basis. You can also stop and change your contributions to suit you.

Tax-free savings accounts for kids

Parents and legal guardians can set up a Tax-Free Savings Account in their child‘s name online.

Transfer your tax-free savings account

You can transfer your Tax-Free Savings Account from one provider to another without penalties.

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Benefits of the 10X Your Future Fund

This fund consistently outperforms other leading fund managers, so it's not surprising that most 10X investors choose this fund to help them reach their long-term goals.

Benefits of the 10X Future Fund

  • Local and international investment

  • Diversified

  • Low fees

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