Are there restrictions as to how much I can draw out of my unit trust?

I have 2 investments 1mil in a fixed deposit and 1mil in unit trusts will I be able to draw my yearly tax free allowance from both without incurring any further tax (ie) my tax free alowance from intrest on my fixed deposit and my tax free alowance from my C.G.T from my unit trusts

Can I make a living annuity withdrawal to cover estate costs?

My late father has a living annuity and my mother is the beneficiary. However there is shortfall of R160 000 in his estate. What if any is the tax implication to withdraw this amount to cover estate costs? Do we have to make a larger withdrawal to get the R160 000 net? Thank you

Does the Bank of Athens Provident Fund have a surplus?

I have worked in the financial sector and want to know if I qualify for the surplus fund I did receive some correspondence from bank of athens but did not follow up is their agents that can assist me

Where can I send complaints about an unpaid GEPF benefit?

Where can I send complaints about an unpaid GEPF benefit.

How can I find out what my provident fund balance is?

i want to know my provident fund balance

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