Offshore Investing
10X MSCI World Equity Index Fund


Invest in a diversified portfolio of the largest global companies

Invest directly in dollars, with your funds domiciled outside SA and no obligation to repatriate your funds to SA

Enjoy the tax benefits from any Rand depreciation

Low fees, full transparency and competitive returns

Save for long-term offshore liabilities, such as education and holidays, with your investment


Expand your horizons.
Keep your returns.

Diversifying your investments is essential if you want to earn good returns without excessive risk. Offshore investing allows your money to be invested across global markets and industries.

If you’ve made the decision to invest offshore, the last thing you want is to see your wealth disappear into high fees, mismanaged portfolios and unnecessary taxes. 10X MSCI World Equity Index Fund combines our low fees with the proven returns from our index tracking methodology to offer you a powerful offshore investment tool.

Low Fees

The most reliable predictor of a fund’s performance

Many offshore providers use the fact that it is a ‘premium product’ to charge more. Every additional (often hidden) fee compounds over time and results in unnecessary losses. We charge a single low fee.

For the 10X MSCI World Equity Index Fund you will never be charged more than 0.55% ex VAT.

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Invest in dollars and pay less tax on returns *

* Pay less tax only when the Rand depreciates

The MSCI World Index captures the leading large and mid-cap companies across 23 countries comprising 1,640 companies.

Most offshore investments in South Africa are available as ETFs or feeder funds where you invest in rands and receive returns in rands.

The MSCI World Equity Index Fund works entirely in dollars. You are not obliged to repatriate these funds back to South Africa. This means any Rand depreciation will work in your favour and the depreciation will not be taxed. Furthermore, our fund is based in Ireland where non-Irish residents are exempt from paying tax on dividends received.

To give an example, if the MSCI Index grows by 0% but the rand depreciates by 10% against the dollar, your investment value will grow by 10% and you won't pay capital gains tax on that growth.


We’ve partnered with a global leader in financial services

To make The 10X MSCI World Equity Fund a reality, we’ve partnered with Société Générale Securities Services.
This means that your money, as well as our administration and onboarding, is overseen by one of the largest global banks.

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